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The primary administrative unit of the Empire is the Province with 1 or more provinces grouped into Dioceses. The Diocese has responsibility for military affairs and the transport infrastructure with all other civic activities taking place at the provincial level. The population figures below are from the Imperial Census of 1917 which gives a total Population of 226 million in Europe and the Mediterranean plus an additional 71 million in the colonies. The Empire is divided into 9 Dioceses and 32 provinces with an additional 3 Colonial Dioceses and 6 Colonial Provinces. See Dioceses and Provinces

The population of the Empire are assigned to one of four groups.

  • Patrician Class – members of families who have a charter of Nobility or who have served in senior military or civic positions as defined by Law
  • Citizens of the 1st Class – Property owners of a minimum number of acres or urban tax value
  • Citizens of the 2nd Class – Members of professions and chartered trades and all with a minimum taxable income
  • Citizens of the 3rd Class – All others who were born of Roman citizens or who are granted citizenship  and cannot prove eligibility for other classes

A person class is set every 10 years as part of the census.