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geoff.fabronGeoff Fabron has been an avid reader of history, science-fiction, fantasy and alternate-history for as long as he can remember. Having toyed with the idea of a novel for a long time the opportunity came with a three year contract in the Middle East in the mid 1990’s during which, mainly sitting by a swimming pool at the ex-pat club, he wrote ‘The Eternal Empire’ – a story set in a world in which the Roman Empire still existed in fundamentally the same form as it had during the reign of Augustus.

Unable to find a publisher it lingered in files and on hard-drives until Kindle made self publishing viable and with the encouragement of family and friends it was updated and released in 2012. It was well received, with a number of positive reviews and this encouraged him to follow up with another book. The second novel based in the Eternal Empire universe, ‘Nova Republica – Domus Divisa’ is to be published in the winter of 2015 with a third book underway.

Having lived and worked for many years in Africa and the Middle East, Geoff settled back to his native UK in the late 1990’s so his children could have a stable education. Now that his children have grown up (unlike their father) he is able to devote more time to writing. He now lives with his wife Lesley on the Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire border.