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cover-2-EBOOThe follow up novel to ‘The Eternal Empire’, ‘Nova Republica’ extends the alternate world in which the Roman Empire still exists to the ‘New World’ (North America in our timeline). In 1922 Cornelius is posted to The United Provinces of the Republic of New Rome as the Assistant Ambassador for the Empire. The United Provinces had gained their independence from the Empire two hundred years earlier, rejecting the Imperial system and basing its constitution on the early Roman Republic.

Against the background of a bloody and long running pacification campaign against native barbarian tribes, tensions in the UP between the northern and southern provinces over the issue of serfdom and indentured labour are coming to a head. There are moves in the Senate and Assembly by those opposed to serfdom to abolish the institution as immoral and outdated, whilst traditionalists fervently defend it as fundamental to the Roman way of life. As the political debate grows increasingly heated and attitudes more polarised, the United Provinces moves towards a crisis that could tear the country apart. On the other side on the continent the Japanese and Chinese in their Pacific colonies see an opportunity to overthrow the unilateral annexation of the interior of the continent whilst the Aztec Empire to the south is looking for revenge for previous defeats by the Legions.

Nova Republica – Domus Divisa (‘a house divided’) is the first part of the story of Cornelius in the New World. The next book ‘Nova Republica – Bellum Civile’ (‘civil war’) is underway.