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cover300A novel of alternate history, set in a world where the Roman Empire never fell, where the Emperor rules from Constantinople and the Legions still guard the Rhine and Danube. In the early 20th century a network of railways criss-cross the provinces of the Empire and instead of swords and spears the legionaries are equipped with rifles and artillery, the cavalry with armoured vehicles.
In ‘The Eternal Empire’ it is 1920 and the Roman Empire is in a deep economic recession following years of expansion and growth. A package of political, social and economic reforms coupled with austerity measures to deal with the crisis leads to revolts and bloodshed which hands power to a reactionary senator with his own agenda. Protective, punitive tariffs and taxes on trade and transport routes with neighbouring states generate unrest within the Empire and outrage outside it.
As civil war begins to breakout, Saxony, the largest of the German States, sees an opportunity to gain revenge for a humiliating defeat decades before.
Cornelius Petronius, a Roman diplomat in Saxony find himself in the centre of events through his relationship with Katherine, the sister of a Saxon Minister. Tensions between the Empire and Saxony increase as a revolt breaks out in Britain and a war starts with the Arab Caliphate. When evidence of an impending attack across the Rhine frontier by Saxony is discovered by Katherine, Cornelius endeavours to prevent it.